Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Shop Rite Aid Online (for those who don't have Rite Aid Nearby

Thank you to Saving Money Plan for sharing this list.  Be sure and check out their website for more store deals.

RITEA SMP1 Rite Aid *Online* Coupons and Deals: April 10   April 16, 2011
One of the most frustrating things about shopping at Rite Aid is that it isn’t in every state, and so many people think they have to miss out! But even if you don’t live near a Rite Aid, you can stilltake part in the deals if you purchase online. There are some big differences though.
Here are the things to remember about why shopping the Rite Aid deals online is different than shopping in-store:
  1. Not all the Rite Aid products in the stores are available online.
  2. There are price differences between Rite Aid products online and in the store.
  3. There are different Rite Aid online coupons to use.
  4. You always want to avoid paying for shipping, and so you want to only order when your total is above $25.
  5. Shopping the clearance section online is a GREAT tool, especially in combination with Rite Aid’s SCR gift card promotions.
So with these things in mind, here are the best things you can buy online this week at Rite Aid. Remember to then submit for your Single Check Rebates here. As always, check the clearance section to see if you can find any of the items eligible for SCR this week for even cheaper!
Single Check Rebate Deals to do this Week
Prevacid – $9.99 
Submit for a $2 Single Check Rebate
Benefiber 62 dose, 100 ct caplet or 28 ct packets- $9.99
Submit for a $2 Single Check Rebate
Complete Multi-Purpose Solution – $7.99 (I’m seeing this at $8.99 — you?)
Submit for a $7.99 Single Check Rebate
Why should I shop the clearance section at Rite Aid online?
Aside from serving up some great, cheap products that work towards regular Single Check Rebate deals, the clearance section is a great place to find bargains that you can add up to use towards some of Rite Aid’s many gift card promos — for example, you buy $50 of products and get a $25 gift card back.
Single Check Rebate Gift Card Promotions to Do
Here are the many gift card promotions to have in mind when you shop the clearance section this week. Clearance deals vary based on inventory, but you just might find something great!
Have fun shopping online!

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