Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can't Get my Swagbucks on Chrome :(

I have been using Foxfire for a long time now but it has been giving me some problems with printing my coupons.  I can't seem to print my Smart Source coupons.  I have done everything known to man to make it work but it won't.  I was able to print before a couple of months ago when my computer crashed and I had to reload Windows.  Well, now it won't work.  I finally gave up today and decided I would try something different and use Chrome.  I had it downloaded before the crash but hadn't used it much because it won't recognize my Swagbucks.  So now I have been using Chrome all day long and I am not sure if I like it or not.  It doesn't seem to user friendly.  I have had to try to figure out all my passwords again as they are not automatically filling out the forms like I am used to.  I even told Chrome to save my passwords when I downloaded it.  So much for that idea.  Well, tomorrow is another day so will try to figure it out some more after Church tomorrow.  Have a good one peeps.  :)

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