Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well, the Super Bowl is over the my team the Green Bay Packers won.  It was a close game though and both teams played well in my opinion.  I just favor the Packers over the Steelers.  I am now forging ahead trying to get the new snow we got yesterday and last night out of my mind.  I am so ready for spring and planting flowers.  I don't know how long they will last with the my grandson's doggie living here but will try anyway.  I may have to get a 6ft fence to keep him out of them.  Speaking of doggies I believe either January or February is Spay and Neuter month.  Please everyone get your dogs and cats spayed or neutered.  We have too many homeless that are dying each and every day in our local animal shelters.  We have to be responsible pet owners.  I have three special doggies and one special kitty in my life and they have all been spayed or neutered.  Now I just have to work on my son to get his done.  :)

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