Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comments on Chrome and Other Things.

I have been using Chrome for the few days now.  I am happy with some things but not so on others.  For instance it has an auto fill in feature that I absolutely love BUT it won't fill in my email address only all the other stuff.  So each time I have to manually fill it in at the end of all the other.  Also, when I downloaded it I was asked if I wanted it to move my passwords and I said "yes" thinking that meant all my passwords would automatically be placed when needed like it was on my Mozilla Foxfire.  Can't figure out where they saved them but so far I have had to put each and every one back in.  Oh well.

I am using a bit larger font to see if maybe my blog will be easier to read.  Any comments will be appreciated.  Also, if anyone uses blogspot please comment and let me know how to make my blog go all the way to fill up the sides of the page.  There seems to be such a large margin on the sides.  I went into the adjust part but it doesn't seem to help me.  Thanks ahead of time.

There is a saying here in Idaho about the weather.
Just give it five minutes and it will change.  The past couple of days have been totally like that.  After suffering a huge winter storm it finally got nice and warm and even went up into the high 40's.  I was happy to see the snow melting.  Well, after a couple of great days it is now trying to snow and so-o-o cold I don't want to go outside at all.  The wind goes right through a person.  I was so looking forward to spring and my flowers to see how many may have survived my sweet little grandchildren's dog.  I know it is still February but I was still hoping.  

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